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Le Tiret
Shifting Baselines

A tale as a tool
Mundele Ye Uyu: The Conjurer in Lubumbashi

From to to from (for Alice Rivaz)

On balls and brains
Hellsegga Talks

MALSTRØM 68N / part 2
Les corps attrapés par le discours – La colonna ritrovata
MALSTRØM 68N / part 1
On balls and brains
Surfando no Dilúvio (Maelström Porto Alegre)
Once you pop, the fun doesn't stop
News from Above
Save as draft – Atmosphères en négociation
L'assemblée maelström
Into the maelström

Mon éducation (mitgegangen mitgehangen)
A wall, a snake, a spear, a tree, a fan, a rope
The Big Picture
Fragile monumente
September Show
If It’s A Bird, Shoot It!
Forde 2006–2008

Mon éducation (Tribute to Buzz)
Mon éducation (The Usual Suspects)
Mon éducation (The Exemplary Death of Marcus Licinius Crassus)
Mon éducation (The Ultimate Comix)