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Forde 2006–2008

Curating of the independent art space Forde, L'Usine, with Kim Seob Boninsegni

Exhibitions and projects with –amongst others– : Daniel Baumann (CH), Émilie Bujès (CH), Gilles Fürtwangler (CH), Mathis Gasser (CH), Pierre Joseph (F), Jutta Koether (USA/D), Benjamin Lavigne (F), John Miller (USA), Claudia & Julia Müller (CH), Damien Navarro (CH) et Karin Schneider (USA).



Inaugural procession
Make room for the invisible man
fanzine Obzine, hand waxed by Kim
Installation view, Pierre Joseph
Installation view, Karin Schneider...
...with a performance by Jutta Koether
Concrete pillars by Emilie Ding
Claude Wampler's accident

> text: If the kids...
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