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Into the maelström

Swiss art awards, Basel, june 2011

"Into the maelström" is a prefiguration of the investigation based on Edgar Allan Poe's maelström, conducted with Sandrine Teixido since December 2012. In Basel, the structure of Poe's tale was already translated into a fictional, architectural assembly, and certain protagonists – such as Norbert Elias, Annie Taylor and Fritz Eichenberg – also appear for the first time.

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Installation view, Basel

> investigation: Into the maelström
> projects: Surfando no dilúvio (maelström Porto Alegre), 9e Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre

> L’assemblée maelström, Les Urbaines, Lausanne
> texts: Le maelström par Grégory Quenet

Wood engraving by Fritz Eichenberg, 1943
The delegates in the maelström assembly (drawing)
A technology of survival barrels: the daredevils from the Niagara Falls