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Save as draft – Atmospheres in negociation
Exhibition and public conference

Science Po Paris, february 2012

With the Programme of experimentation in arts and politics (SPEAP), a team of researchers and artists followed up the event "Copenhague, et si ça s’était passé autrement?" In a re-enactment of the Copenhagen summit of negotiation on climate change, this large event involving nearly 200 students at Science Po in June 2011 aimed at achieving a more ambitious goal than the initial non-constraining agreement signed by state parties in 2009.

Save as Draft recalls some of the events that marked this re-enactment, and stages some of the "objects," circulating between the different rooms (and floors) of the building at rue Saint-Guillaume, altering themselves in that process. Through a collection of videos, text drafts from the negotiations, schemas, timelines and other documents, Save as Draft explores the possibilities for restituting investigation materials without locking them into a closed interpretation. The exhibition attempts to grasp what was at stake in this "game," which, based on real issues, never ceased to blur the roles and the boundaries between reality and fiction.

An exhibition conceived by Joffrey Becker, Aurélien Gamboni, Axel Meunier, Simon Ripoll-Hurier and Sandrine Teixido. Coproduction SPEAP and LMEC, with the support of Ministère de l’Ecologie et du Développement Durable.

Crisis in the negotiations: projection of the movie "Home" in front of a deserted audience


"La péniche", a Science Po symbol, transformed into an exhibition display structure
Photo Sylvain Gouraud

> investigation: Save as draft: Zoom-in / fade-out, zoom-out / fade-in sur le changement climatique