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Fragile monumente

Susie Q Projektraum
, Zurich, january 2009
Curator Eva Scharrer

Press release (extract):
“Fragile Monuments” brings together six young artists living in Switzerland who work in quite different ways on the problematics of the monumental and anti-monumental, as well as on the fragility of the artistic medium itself. The term “monument” is used in its literal, as well as in its figurative, sense. The issue here is about the deconstruction and reconstruction of narrations, about an expanded concept of sculpture, and about the ephemeral and non-monumental as an artistic strategy.
Aurélien Gamboni, in his recent body of work, refers among other things to the concluding scene in the cult movie “The Usual Suspects” in which a shattering coffee cup (that the artist has reproduced as a sculpture) is made a symbol of the breakup of a whole narrative construct. In his combined drawings, Gamboni blends fragments of cultural-historical events, figures and narrations to ever-new intellectual systems of reference.



Installation view
"Broken Column House", framed drawing with a glass cut diagonally

> investigation: Seven Years (Mon éducation: 2005-2011)
> texte: Emilie Bujès sur Mon éducation

"The Usual Suspects (Kobayashi)"