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From to to from (for Alice Rivaz)

30.11.2016, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Geneva
In the context of the exhibition « Open End »
Cur. Collectif DART & Simon Lamunière

This lecture introduces an ongoing investigation about the grave of Swiss writer Alice Rivaz (1901-1998), located at cimetière des Rois.
It adresses the singular qualities of a discreet and elegant funerary monument, in relation to the life and work of the writer: from the piece of rock removed from the Jura of her origins and installed in this Geneva cemetery, to the author’s name she chose, not forgetting the famous dash separating the dates of birth and death –that she evoked herself in several writings.

Alternating narration, readings and sound extracts, this piece dialogues with the thought of an author particularly attentive to the social and political issues of her time, but who deliberately chose to neglect the major historical figures and events, rather focusing on the narratives and aspirations of the Voiceless.



"There are also two dates, separated by a little dash. She doesn't like to look at the dash which contains all the life of Madam, her long life. But while looking at this tiny dash, it seems that it was nothing but a very short time between two immense Doors, the Entry and the Exit. And almost nothing at all between them." A.Rivaz, La Bonne, 1961. [trad.A.G.]
Photos Xavier Sprüngli