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Zoom-in / fade-out, zoom-out / fade-in on climate change
Save as draft

The collective Save as Draft first gathered in 2010 in the context of SPEAP, the Programme of experimentation in arts and politics founded by science anthropologist Bruno Latour. Since then, this group of artists and researchers has led a long-term investigation on the representations of climate change. They have collected scientific, political and artistic representations of climate, through the means of interviews with concerned actors; this has been later used as source material for a series of performative conferences and exhibitions. They have focused particularly on tracing back through the processes of the fabrication of climate representations, which appears to be crucial in order to give visibility to a (still) largely invisible phenomenon – that is, a phenomenon which is particularly hard to relate to in our personal and day-to-day experience of a changing environment.

The collective includes Joffrey Becker, Aurélien Gamboni, Axel Meunier,
Simon Ripoll-Hurier, Sandrine Teixido.



"Tales of Edgar Allan poe", édition de 1941 illustrée par Fritz Eichenberg

> projects: Save as draft – Atmosphères en négociation, Science Po Paris
> investigation residency at Utopiana, Genève