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September show

Gallerie Tanya Leighton, Berlin, septembre 2008

Extrait du communiqué de presse:
September Show presents new, recent, and historical work by a range of contributing and represented artists across a variety of media — from sculpture to installation, painting and drawing, photography to film.
Aurélien Gamboni (b. Lausanne, Switzerland, 1979), who just completed a two-year curatorship at Forde art space in Geneva, makes drawings, sculptures, and installations that are often conceived as narrative structures. First realized within the context of a fanzine, as a series of comic strips assuming the shape of a Mondrian painting, "Mon éducation (The Ultimate Comix)" (2006) was then transposed as drawings onto twenty- three wooden panels. Re-contextualized and re-configured in this manner, the concept and the story are further emptied of meaning and opened-up to reinterpretation. Referencing figures such as Johnann Heinrich Fussli (Henry Fuseli), Buzz Aldrin, and Bas Jan Ader, "The Usual Suspects (You Are History)" (2008), physically interconnects different elements within a logic of its own, and illustrates through an ‘eclipse of representation’ how personal and collective histories can put one or the other into perspective.



Vue d'installation, Tanya Leighton Gallery

> investigation: Seven Years (Mon éducation: 2005-2011)
> texte: Emilie Bujès sur Mon éducation

"Mon éducation (The Ultimate Comix)"
"The Usual Suspects (You Are History)"