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If it's a bird, shoot it!
Forde and the Ashbirds (Aurélien Gamboni, Benjamin Lavigne, Damián Navarro, Vanessa Safavi, Konstantin Sgouridis)

–featuring Kim Seob Boninsegni

, Long Island City NY, janvier 2008

Curator Sarina Basta

Forde functions as an independent, non-profit gallery of the same name in Geneva. For this particular project, If It's a Bird Shoot It!, conceived in early 2007, the members have chosen to organize themselves as a collective. The project starts with the transportation of a pentagon-shaped box from Switzerland to New York. The five sides symbolize the cooperation of the five participating artists, formalizing what Forde defines as a "relational shape." The pentagon acts as a crate, housing a series of sculptures. The configuration of these elements creates a visual palindrome, so that piece appears identical from multiple vantage points. This design echoes the longer journey the structure is destined for, as it will travel back to its origin. The artists relate this transit to a historical, cultural, and political itinerary between Europe and the United States. Adornments lend esoteric overtones to the display system, fusing the formal and the symbolic.



L'arrivée de la caisse à Long Island, janvier 2008
Esquisses préliminaires
Vue d'installation depuis l'une des extrémités
Vue d'installation depuis l'autre extrémité
Esquisses préliminaires
"The usual suspects (You are history)" et la réplique de l'oiseau de Constantin Brancusi
Le couvercle de la caisse en porte rotative